Discover JR, the French artist who has the world at his feet

JR is a French contemporary artist who began his career in the 2000s. Using the technique of photographic collage, he exhibits freely in public spaces around the world, thus attracting those who do not generally go to museums.

JR creates an "infiltrating art" because, during the collage actions, the communities participate in the artistic process. JR's anonymity and the lack of explanation accompanying his immense portraits allow him to leave a free space for encounters between a subject / actor and a passer-by / performer, which constitutes the essence of his work.


JR est un artiste contemporain français qui a débuté sa carrière dans les années 2000. Grâce à la technique du collage photographique, il expose librement dans les espaces publics à travers le monde, attirant ainsi ceux qui ne fréquentent généralement pas les musées.

JR crée un "art infiltrant" car, lors des actions de collage, les communautés participent au processus artistique. L'anonymat de JR et le manque d'explication accompagnant ses immenses portraits lui permettent de laisser un espace libre pour des rencontres entre un sujet / acteur et un passant / interprète, ce qui constitue l'essence de son travail.




Here are some of his most famous projects:


  • Tehachapi In October 2019, JR can intervene in a maximum security prison in California. Most of the prisoners have been held there for at least ten years, and some are serving life sentences, without release, for crimes committed when they were still minors.
  • JR photographs them and asks them to tell their stories in front of the camera and everyone has the freedom to offer whatever testimony they want. He also photographs former prisoners, as well as prison staff. In total, it brings together the portraits and stories of 48 people, bringing as many different perspectives on the prison world.


  • JR at the Louvre On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Louvre Pyramid, JR is creating a collaborative work on the scale of the Napoleon courtyard. Three years after making the Pyramid disappear, he reveals it in a new light by making a gigantic collage, thanks to the help of 400 volunteers.


  • Woman are heroes Women play a central role, but as he travels to conflict zones, he finds that they are often the first victims of crime, rape and political or religious fanaticism.
  • He has created several projects around the world to raise public awareness, he has carried them out, among others in Kenya, Brazil, Paris, India.


  • Face 2 face In 2007, during the Face 2 Face project, JR and Marco produced in Israel, the world's largest exhibition of portraits of Israelis and Palestinians stuck face to face, in monumental formats on both sides of the separation wall and in several surrounding towns.
  • After a week, one conclusion is clear: these people look alike, they speak almost the same language, like twins raised in different families.



In 2011, he received the Ted Prize which gave him the opportunity to make a wish to change the world.

He has also created several short films and films showing how and why he creates his projects. In 2017, he co-directed with Agnès Varda "Faces, Villages", awarded the Golden Eye (best documentary) at the Cannes Film Festival.


He is currently creating a project on the facade of Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, Italy, which is called "La Ferita" (The wound) and which was designed to spark a debate on accessibility to culture in the age of Covid. The opening will be broadcast live at 11:30 am on Friday March 19 on The artwork will remain in place all summer until August 22. Follow him on Instagram for these next creations.


To find out more and access individual stories, check out the “JR: murals” application, available for free on iPhone and Android.