Céline Alvarez - The fulfilment of the child.

Drawing on the work of her predecessors, Céline Alvarez, author and speaker, offers a new vision of learning: a scientific educational approach based on the natural laws of child development.

It is a question of allowing the latter a learning by an autonomous activity with a single goal: the harmonious development of the human being.

His method proposes that the child learns through his independent activity, in a rich and secure environment, with children of different ages, and guided by individual and benevolent support.

Its work is based on the development of executive functions. These are the essential functions of our intelligence that allow us to function and act in an organized fashion to achieve all kinds of goals.

They are widely recognized as the biological foundations for learning and global development.

The specialists identify 3 main ones:

-Working memory : The ability to keep information in memory over a short period of time, remember a phone number or an address for a few minutess)

-Inhibitory control : The control of gestures, thoughts, emotions through inhibition. It allows you to think before you act and not be impulsive.

-Cognitive flexibility : The ability to detect an error and adjust strategies to achieve a goal. From there arises creativity. because it encourages people to find alternatives

Several experiments have been carried out on classes in France and Belgium, the results of which are unequivocal: children curious to learn but also calmer, more concentrated and whose academic performance is clearly above the average for the countries.

To know more :https://www.celinealvarez.org/